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I have included a logo which you need use at the bottom on this page.

To save this set, simply right click on the image you would like, and *save as* on your computer. Now there are some people who simply *DO NOT* understand what BANDWIDTH THEFT* can do to a person's site, so I will explain. When you link to someones images, the server *thinks* that it's me making another page and using space, but it's not..it's thta certain person who really doesn' care. This is a cyber form of stealing, since they are stealing my server space.

Please do not do this! It is very illegal! Also this puts many people out of business. To avoid this I rename folders everyweek, yes, more work, but it keeps my business on the web. Now if you have any problems saving, please email me. Those of you who know me..know I'm more than willing to help out when I can ....so please do not link unless I have given you permission!
Which will more than likely be never..since I need all of my space! LOL

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A little tip!
When you are writing your HTML to link these buttons use this format so that your do not get a border around them and it blends nicely into the background:
<img src="your imagehere.gif" border="0">
Now this Guestbook button is made up of 3 images.
You MUST use the following HTML coding in order for it to look like what I have below:
<img src="4gb.jpg"border="0"><br> <a href="YOUR GUESTBOOK SIGN URL"><img src="4gbsign.jpg" border="0"></a> <a href="YOUR GUESTBOOK VIEW URL"><img src="4gbview.jpg" border="0"></a><br> <br>





*AND* a calling card to match, with enough room for you to write something, but DO NOT remove my copyright! All images have been watermarked with DIGIMARK to avoid graphic Theft.

Please remember to also take this logo and link it back!

Left Side MUST be linked to Amy's Site and Right Side to my site:

Font color used to match this set is: #655D1D

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